Our Mission

We strive to provide accessible IT education and resources for individuals within our community. By catering to Greensboro's youth as well as to those living with intellectual and developmental disabilities we will change lives and empower our city to discover their world through technology, develop vital computer skills, and solve real-world problems to create a better future for us all!

Our Vision

We hope to become a global organization that mentors and teaches technical skills through technology and entrepreneurship. We plan to cultivate skills that guide independent individuals to foster their own future and become career-ready entrepreneurs. By doing this, we hope to create more diversity in people and ideas within the IT industry and inspire others to support these individuals.

Our Values

- We believe in respecting each other and honoring each person’s human rights regardless of their race, age, creed, color, sexual orientation, or ability.

- We believe that every person should always be treated with dignity and to respect everyone’s opinion regardless if you agree or not.

- We believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn, to be educated and advance themselves for employment and college

- We believe in providing the highest quality of ethical standards to the people we serve in our technology program.

- We believe in providing consistency in our services to help individuals become self-sufficient.

- We believe in cultivating relationship and providing the opportunity for philanthropy.




We are always working within our community to create a better life. Our club members and campers develop IT and entrepreneurship skills that can be implemented in their future companies. Our board members and volunteers give back through community outreach projects. Our sponsors and donors help make it all happen.

So, whether you're coming to us to learn or to help #FosterTheFuture, we have a place for you!